Listo Pa´ Guerrear - Doble ONE Flow Letal

2 Hours – $40

Limited to 20 Sitters

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Unearth the Mysteries of the Afterlife

Our expert medium will be your guide on this mesmerizing journey into the unknown. “13 Artifacts” is more than just a show…

As you explore the intriguing stories behind Wolfgang’s curated collection of artifacts, indulge in a delectable buffet dinner that perfectly complements the mystical ambiance. Witness unexplainable phenomena and haunting happenings occurring right at your table. This is a fully participatory experience where you are not just a spectator but an integral part of the unfolding mysteries.

An Atmosphere Like No Other

Embrace the allure of the unknown as portions of our experience unfold in dimly lit surroundings.

Please be mindful that this unique journey may not be suitable for those with a fear of the dark or for those who are currently grieving.



This Weeks Menu

Italian Buffet Dinner included

The exact menu varies from week to week, but it will always be a traditional Italian multi-course meal.  Details on upcoming menus can be found on our Facebook page ( ), and will be a sampling of a forthcoming restaurant planned for 2024.

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