Brown Family Cemetery


BFC paque
Brown Family Cemetery Plaque

The Brown Family Cemetery is located in the woods off the road in Fairfield.  This was the first cemetery that I chose to check out as part of the project, solely because one of the main goals of the project is to hunt out and document all the little lost family cemeteries that nobody knows about…and there are a ton of them! There are or over 380 cemeteries in  Jefferson County, and this is just one. This one actually is the first one on the list from the county tax assessor that is just listed as “cemetery”… No name… No adress.  So I had to do a bit of detective work even to find where it was. Not a clue where it was exactly other than a general tax map area, and not any idea what I would find, if anything, when I got there.

I drove out to Fairfield, following the directions for Google maps until I got to the supposed address and of course it was woods. There is a small clearing just off the road and a bit of gravel with a couple of posts that said “DANGER NO TRESSPASSING”! So of course I trespassed all over the place! (I’m bad that way)

IMG 1622
Brown Cemetery corner marker

I actually was very careful trudging through weeds and kudzu and I thought that it was gonna be a completely unmarked cemetery, but I had the inspiration to go a little bit Into the woods and up the small hill, and lo and behold there was a tree fallen across a fenced off area. At the corner of the fence was a marker that said Brown.


Through the overgrown weeds I could see small stone sticking up here and there and a large slab at the top of the hill. (see main photo) The stones were just numbered which was very odd and then when I got around to the front side of the large slab stone there was a significant bronze plaque labeling it was the Brown cemetery, and listing all the numbered stones and the names and dates of the people that were buried.

BFC stones
Numbered stones in the weeds

I have never seen a cemetery before that is just marked with numbered stones with a central marker listing all the pertinent information… Fascinating.




This is one of the reasons why I do this, because you never know what you’re going to find when you go digging through history.

BFC 27
Stone 27 – Marker for Vandiver child (no dates)




Approximate Address: Brown Family Cemetery, 1138 Tin Mill Road, Fairfield, AL

Active: No

Active Dates: 1835-1916

Maintained: No

Type: Family Cemetery

Approx Number of graves: 27 – all marked

Find A Grave Page:

To get to it, you must cross US Steel property marked no trespassing, so get permission first.

IMG 1621
Tree fallen at Brown Family Cemetery


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