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Ghost Walk Tours

The Birmingham Historic Touring Company Presents…

The  Birmingham  Ghost  Walk

The Birmingham Historic Touring Company Presents…

The  Birmingham  Ghost  Walk

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The Birmingham ghost walk will lead you through the darkest most fascinating history that the city has ever produced and is the signature tour that started our company. Through ongoing research, we have unearthed even even more interesting and fascinating history, so for 2019 we are completely restructuring our tours!  Plus, utilizing feedback that we have received over the years, we are building completely new experiences for our Ghost Walks.  We are making them slightly shorter and forging new routes into areas of the city that heretofore have been unexplored in the darkness!  Come walk with us….


The Birmingham Ghost Walk
The Ghosts and Graveyards Bus Tour

We are partnering with Red Clay Tours to bring you something NEW this year! We have talked for years about some of the haunted locations like Arlington House, Sloss Furnace, and Oak Hill Cemetery…now we are taking you to them!

Climb aboard our comfortable, heated bus and escape into the darkness with your guide as we take a ride to some of the most haunted locations outside of our normal tour areas.. You will hear stories of murder, betrayal, and some of our scariest urban legends.

For Red Clay Tours other offerings (This tour is only available here), please go to their website


$35 with a beer – $30 without a beer

Begins at Ghost Train Brewery

on 3rd Ave South

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