The Birmingham Ghost Walk & Haunted Driving Tours

Hauntings.  The Paranormal. Is there something …beyond?

These are some of the greatest mysteries that still have mankind wondering…and some of the things we will be exploring on our trips through the darkness.  Our handcrafted walking and riding tours explore the darker recesses of the mind and psyche.  We will tell you the true tales of murder and murderers, suicides and the insane, lost cemeteries and the tales of those who have passed beyond… or have they?

We will walk and ride through the darkness and stand on the blood soaked streets (and among the very cemeteries) where it all occurred.  Buckle up.  It’s going to be a bumpy night….


The Birmingham Ghost Walk – Hotels, Churches, and Riots Tour is our “main ghost tour”, and definitely the one that we recommend if you have not been on one of our tours before or if you are in town for only a single evening and wanting to experience tales of murders, suicides, and spirits of the past. This 90 minute walking tour covers some of our most spectacular bits of dark history while viewing some of our most historic buildings and standing where history happened and blood flowed.


Our latest outing into the darkest history our city has to offer. We stand in the center of infernos that threatened to consume the city, learn of spirits that occupy our greatest theaters, and saloons where you could lose your innocence, your life, or at least a finger… and presenting the darkest alley stories yet… where it is entirely possible to have someone staring back at you in a picture.


The Ghost and Graveyards Driving Tour is our haunted van/bus tour… perfect for those with mobility issues that still want a haunted night out.  We drive you through the night to many sites we usually only talk about.  We view our only Antebellum mansion – Arlington – in the darkness and learn about lost and hidden graveyards, hauntings at our historic theaters and hotels, and enter a historic cemetery to gaze into the shadowy tombs and, perhaps, have something gaze back out at you.

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