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Birmingham Historic Touring Company


The Birmingham Historic Touring Company offers a variety of tours, events, and lectures, ranging from the Birmingham Ghost Walk to the 1963 Civil Rights Experience.

Our mission is to provide an uncovering of the dark and fascinating history that is all around us, but very few people know. The tours we conduct bring our guests a step closer towards that history by revealing that history, and on select events, providing an experience that is more akin to that of a real paranormal investigation or field survey.

We highly encourage the use of personal photography, video, and audio devices by guests on our tours. We make our first mission the satisfaction of our clients, as well as the education of the public.

1963 – A Civil Rights Experience

We will walk in the steps of the marchers and protesters. The steps of the Reverends Fred Shuttlesworth and Martin Luther King, Jr. The steps of the oppressed and the oppressors.

The Birmingham Ghost Walk

The Birmingham Ghost Walk is our signature tour and is the one that started it all for us.  So much dark and interesting tidbits, along with tales of intrigue and woe, are contained within the pages of our history. For 2018 there will be two different tours just to tell it all!

Corporate & Convention
Tours and Events

We are, of course, glad to accommodate corporate events and conventions. We can design customized tours of any length for any size group of people, lectures covering nearly any subject of Birmingham history, team building events, booth events, and specialized corporate shows. Please feel free to contact us for your customized tour or event.

Tour Buses &
Step-On Tours

We offer a variety of standard and customized tours for tour coaches stopping or passing through Birmingham. Please call us a 205-440-2720 for specifics and details.

The various tours meet in different places at different times, and specific information is contained in your confirmation email…please explore the menu at the top of the page to learn about us and our offerings.

Our tours can fill very quickly. There are only a limited number of spaces available.

Tours run all year round and are scheduled most days and evenings (depending on the specific tour).

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